Small Business Performance:

Our Desktop appliance servers use the latest Intel Processors, SSD hard disks and AskoziaPBX software which results in the best performance, reliability and the highest quality desktop appliance PBX system available today!


Compact Desktop Appliance Server For all companies using 100% VoIP.
Recommended up to 15 users 
Askozia PBX Software 


Dual Drives for Max Reliability

This desktop server uses two internal drives. A 4GB eMMC drive is used for AskoziaPBX and a 30GB SSD is used to store user data like voicemails, call recordings, etc. This separation guarantees the maximum stability of the overall system.

Easily Expandable with beroNet Gateways

If connectivity to ISDN, analog or GSM is required, beroNet gateways are a perfect match. They can be auto-configured by AskoziaPBX and are ready to use in seconds.


1.4GHz Single Core Intel Atom CPU
**up to 8GB available
4GB eMMC & 30GB SSD Storage
**up to 512GB available


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